Authoring from the Shadows: Creativity and the Film Archive in The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu

Raluca Iacob


Dana Bunescu is one of the most recognized and appreciated Romanian film editors, a key figure in the landscape of New Romanian cinema. This essay will address Bunescu’s artistic contribution as an essential part of the collective film author. While Bunescu’s career encompasses some of the most well-known and acclaimed Romanian films of the last two decades, this essay will focus specifically on her work on the film Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceaușescu/The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu (Andrei Ujică, 2010, Romania/Germany), using the theoretical framework of Paul Sellors on authorship, in order to make a close analysis of particular edits and processes that will help reveal Bunescu’s role as an author.


Dana Bunescu; Andrei Ujică; Nicolae Ceaușescu; editing; editor; montage; authorship; compilation film; archival film; memory; New Romanian cinema.

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Apparatus. ISSN 2365-7758