Kino, tsenzura i vlast' v Peterburge-Petrograde 1890-1910-kh godov

Anna Kovalova, Viktor Semenov


Cinema, Censorship and Government in Petersburg - Petrograd from the 1890s to the 1910s

In the 1910s, cinema censorship traditions and rules varied in different Russian provinces, leading to widespread discussion of the whole topic. The article focuses on censorship practices in the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary capital, Petersburg / Petrograd. It investigates censorship documents of the 1910s, discusses the influence of World War I on Petrograd censorship, and draws attention to the revolutionary period of 1917 when the relationship between cinema and government became extremely strained.


Censorship in film; early Russian cinema; World War I; early cinema theatres; St. Petersburg



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Apparatus. ISSN 2365-7758