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Soviet Logos: Lost Marks of the Utopia

Author: Rokas Sutkaitis
Date: 2019
Language: English
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URL: https://www.sovietlogos.com/product/soviet-logos-lost-marks-of-the-utopia?fbclid=IwAR2k3d67yck7wcT_046Lv_OwNAnWbnU5-nspXWa-uq-3hoeMzI9T_coOqCk

Even if thousands of logos were created in the USSR only a very small part of them managed to survive until our days. Designed by professionals of various specialties, these fine graphic creations quickly became forgotten because of the turbulent fall of the Soviet Union. This monograph aims to rediscover the unrighteously forgotten logos and to introduce them into the global design context.

The book not only comprises of a collection of more than 360 carefully redrawn marks, but also provides a thorough analysis of the ambiguous functions of Soviet logos. With the help of social, economic and cultural discourse of the times, the functions of Soviet logos are analyzed in order to reveal their utopian nature.

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Publisher: Rokas Sutkaitis
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Number of Pages: 312
ISBN: ISBN 978-609-475-316-9
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