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Patters of Symbolic Violence: The Motif of 'Gypsy' Child Theft Across Visual Media

Author: Radmila Mladenova
Date: 2019
Language: English
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URL: https://heiup.uni-heidelberg.de/catalog/book/483
Abstract: Drawing on a number of paradigmatic works of art, the book explores the motif of ‘gypsy’ child-theft and its visualisations. The analytical focus is on the colour coding of bodies in texts and images and their racialised/anti-gypsy uses. Offering a comprehensive survey of the motif’s adaptations to different visual media, the author elaborates on its multiple layers of meaning and functions. The analysis starts with a critical review of Cervantes’ tale “La gitanilla”, moving through seventeenth-century Dutch history painting to take a cursory look at nineteenth-century printed images, and end up with an annotated filmography of 49 cinematic works.
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Publisher: Heidelberg University Publishing
Publisher's URL: https://heiup.uni-heidelberg.de
Number of Pages: 182
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-947732-48-7
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