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Director: Jiří Menzel
Language: Czech
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Abstract: BD CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS director: Jiří Menzel starring: Václav Neckář, Jitka Bendová, Vladimír Valenta, Josef Somr, and others issued by: NFA in: 2015 subtitles: Czech for the hearing impaired, English 1 DVD in a paper package + an enclosed brochure This digitally restored Oscar-winning film based on the book by Bohumil Hrabal is accompanied by a number of bonuses. We are given an opportunity to consider Jiří Menzel as a young filmmaker from the generation that made their debut in the 1960s by his student film Our Dear Mr Foerster Died. We are taken through the meanderings of Bohumil Hrabal’s contemplations and his peculiar poetics on a visit to the space-time of his personal life in About Cats, Beatniks, and Everything Else. We show the student work De arte amatoria/The Art of Loving about the search for the language and movements of love and amorous blunders together with the official interpretation of sexual behavior (in Miloš Makovec’s earlier film About the Little Ones for the Grown-Ups). Closely Watched Trains brought Václav Neckář onto the film scene – his image as a pop-culture icon is illustrated with contemporary TV videos of the songs Licorice and Today I Got an “F” Grade.
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