Sounds From 1983

Andrei Monastyrski
1983; geo-video; Collective Actions.

SOUNDS FROM 1983 is a kind of existential GEO-VIDEO (“geo“ as in “geometry“).
1983 is for me a year of REGENERATION of creative activity, a year of RESURRECTION FROM THE HELL of transgression in 1982, when I spent time in a mental institution and didn’t do anything in a creative sense. Then, in 1983 I started to work again.
Sounds from 1983 – it’s the SOUND BEGINNINGS OF THE WORLD (in the sense, that the world begins from sound).
And then follows the APPEARANCE OF SIGNS (from geo-figures) and VISUALITY.
In this work images of three performances of the Collective Actions group from 1983 are used: Sound Perspectives of a Trip Out of Town, Representation of a Rhombus (I proposed the sound over the field and generally the sound series, whereas Nikolai Panitkov proposed the visuals) and the action M (the opening image with a little purple table and objects on it).

Andrei Monastyrski, “Sounds from 1983”, 1983/2016, digital montage, 23:45.

Andrei Monastyrski
artist, poet, writer and theoretician


Since 1975 has produced performances, objects, installations, texts, and visual poetry. Member of the Collective Actions group since 1976. Editor and compiler of MANI (Moscow Archive of the New Art) folder in 1981, edited Trips Out of Town (volumes comprising works by the Collective Actions group) and the Dictionary of Terms of the Moscow Conceptual School (1998). Represented Russia at the Venice Biennale in 2011.

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