Apparatus. Film, Media and Digital Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe

Apparatus is a peer-reviewed academic journal in open access dealing with film, media and digital cultures of Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe ­–­ current and historical.



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Go fund the special issue "Pandemic Cinema in Central and Eastern Europe" (ed. by Raoul Eshelman, Mario Slugan, and Denise J. Youngblood) in number 12 of the Open Access journal APPARATUS, the first edited collection to discuss such films as an international genre. The texts were written and edited during the Corona pandemic in Australia, the UK, Germany, the USA, and the Netherlands.

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Remembering Wolfgang Beilenhoff (1943-2021)

On the death of Wolfgang Beilenhoff (1943-2021), film and Slavic studies scholar, and one of the most distinguished Apparatus authors.  
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